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  "For my tremor." (lethalkitty)

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julie411"The parents of addicts group has been the greatest help for me. When I first found out about my daughters herone addiction, I was crushed. I felt numb, helpless shocked and alone. I did not want to tell any one. I did not know what to do, or know how to handle it.
The parents and leaders of this group were life savers. They helped me every step of the way. The compassion, love and support is amazing. My daughter is now a recovering addict.I know even if this were to change, I have my support. I love this group so very much.
" (julie411)

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lupus05 Everyday life with lupus


Jun 05 2009

The other day my doctors off called and said I need to come in for a visit to talk over my labs which I didn't understand because I went in to see them in April 09 and now they wait almost a monthand a half to call and tell me that. The nurse unsally calls when my labs are out of wach but this time she didn't it made me alittle scared. So I called them back yesterday and asked for them to call me back and she did today and told me not to come in they wanted to start me on prednisone again for 3 weeks and then come in for more labs to see how things are going. But thankfully I had my friends here in the group to go too and to share my feelings . Im so glad I found this web site it has been very helpful to me. I always feel better after sharing with the group and to read the responed I receive.

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