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Apr 28 2012

This has been such an incredibly crazy week. It feels never ending. First, we had our garage sale last week...The night before, my friend Mike, had a meltdown all over me... I have a box full of smallgift boxes... nice ones, I collect them throughout the year, so at Christmas, or any other gift-giving time, I have the right size. I have been doing this for years. Mike came across said box in my craft room, and said he was going to throw them away. I gulped, took a deep breath and said "Okay, just dont do it where I can see it" So, what did he do? Sat right in front of me and started crushing them , tearing them, breaking them, etc. I once again asked him not to do that, and he gave me a piece of his mind. How I should get over it, why am I attaching sentimentality to stupid boxes? That I have got to stop being upset, turn off all my emotions and move on. He thought I would be over this by now and he is extremely dissappointed in me. That I obviously need a kick up the ass, and since no one else was going to do this, he was the guy to do it.I tried to explain to him that A) I told him he could get rid of them, he didnt have to be cruel about it. B)Those boxes were a future I had planned on having and that part of my life is over now.. like it or not, thats sad to me. I understand he wanted this garage sale to be a success and he was stressed about it.. but.. umm, this is MY life, my things.

So, the garage sale went well, I made more money than I expected to, but it was sad that a lifetime of accumulating some beautiful things equalled up to less than $600

So, Monday.. peter calls and tells me, he has borrowed a moving truck, and everything needs to be out of my house on Weds. PANIC!!!!! There is no way I can make that happen, especially with no help. But I will try...OH, but no... I have to rush around town getting some paperwork accumulated so I can get some financial assistance.... so... thats Monday shot. Tuesday, Peter is attacked by a goose (go ahead and laugh, we all did) and sprains his ankle, so he is unable to move out of his place as quickly as he had hoped. Weds. his moving truck gets towed from his driveway... $520 to get it out of impound... spent the whole afternoon getting that taken care of with him. So I have been at work and then on the go.. I get home at 5pm and think I  am going to have a cup of tea and relax for 15 mins before the mad packing happens. Peter informs me that his g-friend is really stressed and cant deal with any complaining, so can I keep my sadness bottled up for one day. When Peter and some friends that vollunteered to help show up... Peter just wants to throw all my stuff on the truck, without rhyme or reason, we can sort it out later. But ... some of this is going to charity, some in storage, some to the new place and 9 tvs need to go to the townships recycling center. I am trying to stay calm, but I get overridden everytime. So what happens is... they manage to pack the furniture for goodwill and drop that off before they close. They were supposed to bring food back. I hadnt eaten all day, and was getting the shakes. Oops.. they werent hungry, so they forgot! So, now they load all the furniture on the truck, even though its not all going to the same place. I give up.. I have been alone in the house for 5 hours now, trying to do things by myself.. no one offered to help me, or even see if I was okay. They all go home.. we will deal with it THursday.

Thursday, Peter finds out we are only allowed 2 cars at the new townhouse, we have 4. Gee.. that sucks for me and Trevor.To be fair, he was panicking about how much trouble it would be to get Trevor to school and back everyday. So his answer is for us to stay in this house another month.   Okay... thats good and bad... good, I can get things done in a more organized fashion.. Bad.. I have to spend money on this rent that was earmarked for other bills and it just prolongs my agony.

Friday, I wake up in the middle of the night with the worst sore throat EVER and an earache.. in the morning, I go to the dr.. I have bacterial laryngitis...and it really hurts!!!!Today is Saturday and its no better, and Im sure everyone is glad I cant talk.

I kept hearing my back door open and shut, went to see what was going on.. Trevor and his friends are out there smoking. He has been told that that is unacceptable... I have fucking had it.. with everything!!!! I am laying down and dying, or I am leaving all these selfish people who are so careless with my feelings... fuck this shit!

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written by DefChick, April 30, 2012
Thanks JB... I hope I do find this strength you talk about, cus Im gonna need it to dig out this mountain of crap. Im sick of complaining, and so is everyone else.. I just need a break... Thank you for still caring smilies/smiley.gif

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