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  "I wear this ribbon because I have had 9 miscarriages" (sammymarie14)

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kildare56"To me, MDJ is a sanctuary for people with any health issues. They may be very critical in all eyes or only in your own. Everyone needs support. Here there are no preconditions for getting that help." (kildare56)

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so so day

Sep 16 2011

I am back to being home more. i lost count of how many times. but learn something new about myself and others along the way. i use to play facebook all the time but found lately it was overwhelmingme. thanks to reading something on it here. i like some of the games so i started over only this time with smaller group of friends. i am learning to set boundries on others sharing and wanting me to help them with their problems. i know they do not understand what i myself am going threw. people i know i am the only aroraphobic they know. it is hard to explain it to them. i have tried until i am blue in the face. so i now have stopped trying once i explain i just add its okay if you dont get it. i found out when i first went to my back dr he was worried about treating me because of my phobia. i have been going to him for almost 4 years now. sometimes i do feel my physic does not get it as well. but then so far here at least i am the first they are dealing with. but with my physic sometimes i feel he has more of a it is what it is and he does not know how to help other than the meds. so at least i am on meds. i have learned more here than anywhere. i am now begining to stop others of thinking i can solve their problems and when i need my alone time i will take it for myself. but also i have two addicts that by court need to stop and they have it in their head i am the only one who can help. me the one that has to push myself daily to me thats a joke in itself. but today was soso i got quiete time and even talked to my daughter on the phone.

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