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  "Because I have been diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, suffer with chronic pain ..." (sbestacierno)

MDJunction to me

TalithaCumi"MDJunction is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people. People that I have learned that I can rely on for anything that I need whenever I need it;
A hug in times of stress.
Prayer in times of crisis
Encouragement in times of doubt.
A laugh in times of sadness.
A smile in times of heartache.
Hope in times of hopelessness.
Assurance in times of fear.
A reminder of the good things in life in times of depression.
And most importantly, love when I need it the most. MDJ has become like a family to me. I have priceless friends that I will hold in my heart and love forever. MDJ is a place of safety, when I know I can be myself and that I am loved. Thank you all SO much, you mean the world to me.
" (TalithaCumi)

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tickscorn 9/11/10-I've never done this before. Computer illiteracy. I don't even know where to start. I've been handwriting everything for the past 4 years. During my visits to the last "in your head' doctor I was going to at the time. I was dying. I knew it-my kids knew it, but all those years before, I can do nothing about. I wish I would've started writing back in the '90's, documenting all of the medical cruelty that was dealt to me. I know that they tagged my 'psychosomatic' many, many years before. There are some, even now, even though that don't fly no mo, who are trying to bring it back to that. A real stacked deck against... ...Read More

mdjunction - thank you!

May 09 2011

We have a group in central florida! If it weren't for mdjunction, I would probably never have met these great folks right here in my own area! We have even been able to meet face to face a few times, already.

When I was first dxd with RMSF, in '07, and trying to find out everything I could about tickborne disease, this site was a lifesaver! I'm still learning to navigate my way around a computer, and I'm a little better at it than I was in '07. Even though I'm on facebook now, I still come back here, because it was the first site where I have been able to find the fellowship, that we all need, to get us through this difficult journey. mdjunction - YOU ROCK!

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