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MissNikkiAnn"When you have an illness with the name "Non-Familial Dysautonomia" (a name that most people, and even doctors, have never heard of), you need a network
of people who understand the name and the symptoms/issues that come with it.
MDJunction led me to that network of people during a very confusing and sickly time. For this I am thankful. And for this reason I try my best to give back to other members the same care and help that I received through MDJunction.
" (MissNikkiAnn)

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TiffanyJane This is going to be a very sporadic account of my life. Most likely will be a random series of raging/venting/crying, with a few yays thrown in. I have no doubt that nothing contained within should be taken too seriously or literally as many things will be presented as they seem in the heat of the moment. However, I will try to insert as much wit and humor as possible, so feel free to giggle when applicable :) ...Read More

not sure if I should be upset or not

Sep 13 2010
Ok so this is something stupid and I feel stupid that its bothering me.  My boyfriend and I both play the same online video game, and in that game you can create characters, choose their names, whatthey look like, what they do, etc.  Its very customizable to what you want to be.  Ok, so while he was out at the bar tonight with his buddies, I was playing this game with another friend and decided to make a new character.  I was pretty excited and spent some time dwelling on what I wanted her to look like and her name.  I made a huntress - and named her Tynna (to shorten the Cretian goddess of the hunt Dictynna).  I thought this was cute and clever and I played this character for a few hours leveling her up.  He comes home, drunk, and I show him my new girl, all excited.  He starts harrassing me to delete her/re make her.  He hates the name.  He has no other problems with her, just hates hates her name.  I am sore and too tired mentally to fight this and I delete her.  Now I am sad.  I liked what I had, and now finding another name that isnt taken is going to be an ordeal, let alone finding a name I like (I'm weird and if I dont love the character I wont play it).  Sigh.. I dont feel like I should be upset but I am.  Maybe its just a fibro mood swing but I'm really sad that he was so mean and made me erase hours of work :(

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written by faieriemama, September 15, 2010
I'm sorry he had to vent his drunken anger on you and no, I don't think it's stupid neither are you. You have a right to be upset. If it upsets you then you that's how you feel and that's Good luck with finding a new name, you could try looking up name creator programs, there are quite a few free ones out there. Blessed be.

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