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kli Dealing with pericarditis from a care giver's stand point


Oct 26 2011

My daughter had an echo, shows that her pericardium is still very red.  Also showing a bulging atrial septum.  Wondering what that is about.  Going to have to put her through anothercardiac MRI, probably be doing this in December.  Still has chest pains off and on.  Had some last Saturday (3 nights ago).  These come and go more often than stay around like at first. 

Started her on homeschool this week, seems to be helping a little on the daily chest pains.  This will help her keep away from alot of the viruses and colds that are continuously going around school, so hope that will help her stay healthier. 

Going to the doctor today and get her bloodwork done, hopefully the inflamation is holding at a steady number from last month. 

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written by BumHeart, November 01, 2011
kli - I am so sorry to hear the test is still showing an inflammed pericardium. Was there any fluid found? From the symtoms that I have read that go along with pericarditis, I never heard that a bulging atrial septum is one of them. I wonder if that could be the cause of the pericarditis? How did the blood work come out. Many thoughts....
written by kli, November 02, 2011
Hi BumHeart
Thank you. Thankfully no fluid at least. So far she hasn't had any problems with fluid after that first whole year.
I spoke with a local doctor and he said that the atrial septum could be just the way she was laying. So I don't know what to think. It's never shown up that way before, so I don't think it's something related to pericarditis. I am still waiting on blood tests, went to a different doctor and I guess he doesn't feel like I have a right to know, wants me to bring her back again this week when they get the results in, so another appointment, for nothing really. I pretty much know how to read blood tests now.
Thank you, best wishes

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