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  "I have multiple diagnoses (and have been through ritual abuse)." (Faelynne)

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sleepySheri"in august 2008, i accidentally found this site and i love it. i have struggled with narcolepsy since 1993 and to this day i have never met another narcoleptic in person. to share my story and read the stories of others as well as try to help others means the world to me. i want to thank all those who are there to listen to me and to give me advice...." (sleepySheri)

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ox1082 It's me again 2:28am and as normal my < Nightmare Train > keeps on rolling; after all it is mine. And no I will not let it rule me or my life. GOD does just fine for me at that; thank you LORD!

I Got On The Wrong Train; Next Stop ? HELL!!!!

Oct 08 2009

Well now where should I start, most would say at the beginning; Only one problem and that is I am not sure where it is! The day's and night's are now running togather, one no differentthan the other. While I was at the hospital the other day a I was chatting with a man a little older than myself; yes, there are some still alive! Any how as we talked each of us asking the same things. How did you get this stuff, how long you had it and do you know anything else to try in getting rid of this mess? We both had answers and so did the other's in there; but, no one dared say that their answer was most likely wrong. It seems as though all are afraid if they say these 4 letter's or even the 6 letter's  which is the type I was told I am stuck with; what are they you ask? Well, for me it is the 6 letter's so I don't know if that is good or bad; the 6 letters that now try to consume me is "CA-MRSA" a bunch of nasty little bump's at first.

  So, here I set all broken hearted came to  ---- ;oh no that is not what I should be saying at least not all of it. It is at times like this that all I want to do is ask for forgiveness for all the crap I had done; some I ment and some I did not mean, I try and tell myself that it was only      , yeah, it was fun or at least no sweat off my back and even fun at time's, for me at least! Damn, what a JERK I was and some probley say I still am. However I try now days to do whats right and treat other's like I would like to be treated. This buddy of mine just call him what we all do "BAMM" he is retired from law enforcement on disability and works as a private investagator and p/t bounty hunter as he owns a bail bonds and P. I. service's. Now Bamm is a great person - well most of the time abd he also get's me to help him on some thing's; sort of working off my forgiveness.

  Now, with this mess called "CA-MRSA" or just "MRSA" it is all mostly the same thing and on top of  "RSD" well thats my luck. Although my buddy Bamm says it will help if I let some of the people he / we deal with to see it. I think that he's full of it!

  So, while at the hospital it has a in house clnic for this mess I found out that if removeing the tissue with this mess dosen't work then we or as I asked the doc "if he had a parrot in his pocket" ; would may be have to have more removed! YEP, you are thinking right about 15" inches of left arm and hand. Now, don't start feeling to bad for me, as this older guy I was talking to said, "at least it is the same arm my RSD is in" yeah oh boy, oh boy.

  So, when any of you are out there getting on a train or what ever you do for fun or other?; just be real careful this mess can get you in the "blinking of the eye"!

  May all of your dream's come true and you wake up from the night-mare's before???????


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written by okieladybug09, October 09, 2009
GRAMPY!!!! I have missed you soooooo much!!!!!!!!
You know Im going to have to give you a hard time over this, right??? lol


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