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jenniferdiva"MDJunction has been just an amazing support for me. The people who are on mdj are so nice! Unlike the many other support sites that I have been on. I have made several friends on mdj who are so supportive and so educated about mental illness. Of course non of us are doctors, but we certainly offer each other hugs, opinions, and advice. I have learned a great deal from my friends on mdjunction. I am also encouraging other people who suffer from mental illness to come on to MDJ. It can be a life line." (jenniferdiva)

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camp0998 This is where I will putting my everyday (or at least as often as I can) challenges and such. I will put anything from what I am struggling with that day to what really made me happy. Hopefully I will put more happy things then sad :)

Life has ended as I knew it

Jan 19 2011

Dear diary,

So my bf and I broke up...

I broke up with him... But I still love him and I always will. I really dont know what to do. I think we should date other people and keep some distancebut at the same time its hard not to talk to me every second that I can. And alot of his friends are my friends now so it might be hard not to hang out with him or talk about him. He is still going to a youth overnight thing at my church but I dont think it will be entirely akward just might make me want to date him again... It obviously not meant to be if  we keep breaking up.. I just dont know anymore.... I really dont.

I think we are still going to eachothers winter dances together as friends which is hard to say. I know I broke up with him but dosent everyon e have some recentment when stuff like this happens?

I know i broke his heart and I hate doing that. When I gave him his rings back it was a mixture of crying and madness for both of us. Maybe he isnt the guy for me.. maybe he is.. who knows? uggghhhh I wish I had all the answers. I wish I didnt have to just quess my fate. People say that I am unpredictable.. and its true.. I cant even predict what i am going to say next. What I am going to do next. What is going to happen.. next...

Well on a happy note, I finished writing the rough draft of my play. I will probably get to direct it at my school. And I also got the lead part in Readers theatre at my school. I play a preppy dumb ditzy girl who teaches the audience how to be her. Its hilarious. Shes really conceted and crap and it makes for a good play. haha!

Anyways.. I hope everything works out for the better. It might snow today, like 9 inches. ahhhh! I hope it melts enough on the streets so we can still drive to the youth event on saturday.. Well i am gonna go now. ttyl


Ceres :)

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