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  "I wear it for my grandmother who had breast cancer and beat it!!!" (Courage818)

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mabri"When I was diagnosed about 18 months ago with fibromyalgia, I didn't know where to turn. I got on my computer and looked for a support group where I could talk to other people with the same disease and get some help...Information, suggestions, mostly just what I can do now that I have this.....disorder/disease/syndrome...I didn't even know what to call it. I found MDJ, and yes, there was a support group for fibro. I started a post, and figured I would never get an answer. However, very quickly I was welcomed in, and became really involved in the group. I received help, support, friendship and the feeling of being truly cared about by these strangers who had become like family to me. Now, I have been here for about a year and a half...I have become a group leader, and love every minute of it. It is so wonderful to be able to help others. I still receive help and answers from the members in this group. The fibromyalgia is where I go to help, support, listen, care and even laugh. I don't know what I would do without this group." (mabri)

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camp0998 This is where I will putting my everyday (or at least as often as I can) challenges and such. I will put anything from what I am struggling with that day to what really made me happy. Hopefully I will put more happy things then sad :)

Life has ended as I knew it

Jan 19 2011

Dear diary,

So my bf and I broke up...

I broke up with him... But I still love him and I always will. I really dont know what to do. I think we should date other people and keep some distancebut at the same time its hard not to talk to me every second that I can. And alot of his friends are my friends now so it might be hard not to hang out with him or talk about him. He is still going to a youth overnight thing at my church but I dont think it will be entirely akward just might make me want to date him again... It obviously not meant to be if  we keep breaking up.. I just dont know anymore.... I really dont.

I think we are still going to eachothers winter dances together as friends which is hard to say. I know I broke up with him but dosent everyon e have some recentment when stuff like this happens?

I know i broke his heart and I hate doing that. When I gave him his rings back it was a mixture of crying and madness for both of us. Maybe he isnt the guy for me.. maybe he is.. who knows? uggghhhh I wish I had all the answers. I wish I didnt have to just quess my fate. People say that I am unpredictable.. and its true.. I cant even predict what i am going to say next. What I am going to do next. What is going to happen.. next...

Well on a happy note, I finished writing the rough draft of my play. I will probably get to direct it at my school. And I also got the lead part in Readers theatre at my school. I play a preppy dumb ditzy girl who teaches the audience how to be her. Its hilarious. Shes really conceted and crap and it makes for a good play. haha!

Anyways.. I hope everything works out for the better. It might snow today, like 9 inches. ahhhh! I hope it melts enough on the streets so we can still drive to the youth event on saturday.. Well i am gonna go now. ttyl


Ceres :)

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