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sleepySheri"in august 2008, i accidentally found this site and i love it. i have struggled with narcolepsy since 1993 and to this day i have never met another narcoleptic in person. to share my story and read the stories of others as well as try to help others means the world to me. i want to thank all those who are there to listen to me and to give me advice...." (sleepySheri)

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camp0998 This is where I will putting my everyday (or at least as often as I can) challenges and such. I will put anything from what I am struggling with that day to what really made me happy. Hopefully I will put more happy things then sad :)

Day three :)

Jan 12 2011

Dear Journal,

Met a good friend on here :) I am happy that I joined this.

So anyways, today is going pretty good :) I didnt go to bed last night in till 4am or so. Then I got up at 11 to eat lunch then I went back to sleep till 3pm. I am glad that I slept so well. I needed it. I didnt sleep so good the night before either. This insomnia thing is starting to get old. Well, good thing is is that it might change to the complete opposite soon which it seems to do after about a month of no sleep.

I didnt do any slef harm last night. :) made me happy :) I know that i dont need it. I just need to keep my mind off of my anxiety and depresion. My new friend helped me :) I am soooo glad.

I am getting my hair cut today. Just a trim and some layers and get my side band back. So excited! i love the feeling of getting my hair cut :) I am in a pretty good mood today considering what happened when my mom called me yesterday... I prefer not to talk about that till i fully process it..

I hope today goes well :) Its another snow day!!! I love snow days. Gives me time to catch up on sleep and such.


Ceres :)

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