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shamarie6"MDJunction to me is a place of refuge. A place I can come to for the support that I need, as well as a place to support others in need. A place where I don't worry about being judged because of my disabilities & there are people who truly understand what I live with on a daily basis." (shamarie6)

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k94doglady A record of the daily battle between myself and my son.


Feb 01 2008
Well......we now have a glimmer of hope.We took my son back to the psychiatrists office yesterday,got him in on a cancellation appt.We went in and the first thing i did was tell her that his violent episodeswere getting worse and getting more frequent.I reminded her that she had mentioned last time putting him on an antidepressant and an adhd med.I told her that i wanted to try the antidepressant now.She put him on Prozac along with the abilify....he's supposed to start the Prozac tomorrow morning.She said that it could take a week or two before we knew if the Prozac was going to be effective.So now there's some hope at least.I'm not sure how much more of his "nuclear meltdowns" I can take.So I really hope the Prozac does it for him.

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