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jackie1979"MDJ is like a family to me where I can talk to others who understand how I feel. I can as group leader help others and support them and be there
for each other for the good and bad times. MDJ has helped me come to terms with my disability and be able to live my life and be positive. I just hope that I can be there for others like my friends on MDJ have been here for me.
" (jackie1979)

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teri hayes my diary is about me


Feb 26 2008
a funny thing happened to me this morning while surfing the fibro site. i discovered that i was no longer a member. ooops how did that happen? anyway, having an ok day so far, getting ready for big snowstorm.

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" what "
written by savedone, February 26, 2008
how did that happen??? Doing good gals &guys using GLYCONUTENTS!!!! Body starting to rebalance,,sleeping better,cut almost all meds out!! god bless!!

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