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Robin34"MDJunction to me is about community and connection with people from all around the world, giving and receiving support, strength and comfort during the more challenging times in our lives, and sharing happiness and positivity during the joyful times in our lives. MDJunction to me is about building amazing friendships through compassion and empathy, being a lighthouse for each other when we find ourselves in the dark. Oya Gazioglu" (Robin34)

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Tee6759 My daily dealings of living with gastroparesis

Today was a new phase and the worst yet.

Aug 23 2011
It actually started last night.  When I was diagnosed July 18th, I was told to expect the nausea, pain, weight loss, and vomiting. So far, all had occurred except the vomiting. I was so hoping I wouldnt have to face the vomiting. I'd made it this far. But I was wrong. It struck last night with full force. I was so miserable, I could hardly stand.  I finally made it back to bed. I curled up, so miserable. I took my zofran, and finally made it to sleep later that night.  However this morning, it started all over again with a vengeance.  It was all dry heaves, lasting about 20 minutes. I felt so bad, my stomach hurt so bad, felt like someone was trying to pull my stomach up from the inside out. I couldnt get a break.  I called my gastro doctor and left a message with his office.  He called back very soon, and I explained what happened.  He stated he would leave some samples for me along with a script to help with the vomiting.  I was to call him tomorrow morning and let him know how things went. I had a appointment with my family doctor in an hour to discuss pain medications, so I would come by after that.  He stated that would be fine. He would leave them up front.  Its a good thing I got the script and had it filled.  I had another wave hit me not long after I got home.  I can only hope this doesnt last very long.  It hurts so bad when I am done, I just want to curl up like a little girl and cry.  Perhaps this will be it for the time being.  One can only hope, right?  I will write more later.  It is time to search for peace and quiet now, to let the meds do their job.

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