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  ""I believe that my 15 yr old son has Bartonella and I am trying to find a Lyme L..." (Squirttle)

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jpcrps"When I found MD Junction, I was in the beginning stages of RSD/CRPS. I was scared, lacked knowledge about the condition, and felt very alone.

MD Junction changed all of that for me. I found friendship and terrific information from people who had first-hand knowledge of this syndrome. It was and still is a big part of my life.

MDJ was my first step on the journey of grief; from denial to acceptance. I am now inspired to help others by sharing this amazing site and sharing my own experiences. I am very impressed that one forum site can provide hope and inspiration to people suffering from so many different conditions. I am proud to be a part of this community.
~ Jenny
" (jpcrps)

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getfitwithjohn Each and everyday there is a struggle to keep myself on a level field.To balance between hypomania and depression.Some days the demons are at boy and others they attck like a swarm of bees.My diary shares my trials and tribulatons so others can survive there with out having to completely rinvent to wheel.


Sep 02 2011

In tragedy I shine bright able to extend a smile , a hand, support and kindness. It appears so easy, but it is an arduous task to stay on point while my demons boil just below the surface likea witch's brew. Everyone sees me as a rock, an anchor, but I am anchored in a cess pool of fears, anxiety and self deprivation. I see myself week, not a good person, a failure and I am not sure what else since it seems so often to blur.


I am however, able to put my mask on for everyone. the show must go on. I apply my invisble grease paint do my warm up and I am ready for center stage. All my BP symptoms fall to way way side it is show time. And when the world is your stage, your performance must be bigger than life.

The realityis that no one ever seems the damaged you. It is so neatly package and filed away one must get through layers of amor to get a glimpse as to the real me and that is even not accurate since it is still a firm part of the protective layers.

Bravado keeps me intact. I am able to give unconditionally of myself with out a a thoought only afterwards do I realize that i have over extended and burnt my self out. Now is my recovery as the last of the flood waters recede and people have or are picking up the pieces now is my regr


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