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jaguarandcubs"MDJ is an integral part of my everyday life. Since joining in 2010, I have met so many amazing people. It is truly incredible to be able to share good times and not so good times with others who face the same health challenges. And MDJ has support groups for every condition I have. I don't know of anywhere else that can offer that. I love that I can learn from others as well as offer my own experiences for others to learn from." (jaguarandcubs)

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Shauna81 Starting my online diary to help me cope with my new diagnosis.
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Good day...

Mar 04 2012
I will admit that today has had a few bumps but for the most part its been the best day in a while. Im feeling calm to an extent. We got a lot done around the house today and I love spending time withJohn doing things around the house. I love a clean, nice looking home. And I love spending the time with john. I feel he wanted to do more outside stuff but im still feeling weak and tired a lot. So I really wasnt up for anything like that.  I hope hes not mad. Things are still stressing me out and im terrified about John being gone the next few days. Im scared to be alone right now, im not really sure why but I am. But I dont really have a choice so Im just going to have to suck it up I guess. Oh well at least we have tonight. Praying everyday this thing goes away. 

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