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  "My father died from a heart attack. I was 11 years old." (Joys)

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imsoblue"I was completely bewildered when I received my diagnosis of HH and cirrhosis. For so many years I had been told that what I was feeling was due to "old age", and I am 61 years old. I knew nothing about hemochromatosis or what to expect and even my family doctor did not have a clue. I found MDJ when I started to search on the internet. I have received so much compassion and education here. I am most grateful that I had the support from the cirrhosis group when I had my first episode of HE. I now know what I need to do to try keep this from happening. (lactulose). I feel very close to the people here. My goal is to educate people about HH and to support those affected by it. I read people's posts and I can just sense when people are feeling that absolute bewilderment. Thank you so much for all that all of you do for others." (imsoblue)

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the differential diagnosis of borderline personality disorder from bipolar disorder by g. hatchett

May 27 2011
Haven't posted in a month. Haven't felt the need.

Have stopped taking my medication.

I'm not sure it's the greatest decision I've ever made, but it's helped a lot.

See, I'm taking a six week, human physiological anatomy course in school, (usually it's 16 weeks) and basically have to learn every bone and muscle of the body, plus ELEVEN CHAPTERS worth of material in a week. My medications practically double my encoding process and I can't afford to waste double the amount of time studying. I need to know it ASAP and know it well. I told my mother that yesterday - I've been off of them about 5 days. She said that I improved a lot lately, and then I told her I stopped taking my medication. I'm not sure if I'm becoming hypomanic or what.

I recently read an article entitled "the differential diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder". It was incredible interesting. It broke down the bipolar spectrum into several types, instead of the regular 4(ish) that it usually is. Splitting into half bullets: bipolar I [classic mania], bipolar I ½ [depression with persistent hypomania], bipolar II [depression with interspersed hypomania], bipolar II ½ [depression with briefer periods of hypomania], bipolar III [anti-depressant induced hypomania], and so forth. I stopped at III because it's where I lie: bipolar II ½ and III.

I've been thinking a lot about borderline personality disorder. The article goes to hypothesize that BPD is an early or less invasive form of bipolar and should be part of the bipolar spectrum - which I have to agree. Two of the three major criteria for BPD are ones of bipolar-ish. Except for the disturbed relationships part - but that usually occurs for people with BP anyways. Maybe they are one in the same.

It would explain my unstable personal relationships and abandonment issues. Is that enough to classify a personality disorder?

 I think it would be worse to have a personality disorder instead of a clinical disorder.

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