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Colleenj"As someone with Bipolar II, it is not easy finding people who understand. Here at MD Junction, EVERYONE understands. What an incredible feeling it is knowing that I don't have to deal with this disorder alone. MD Junction is the best resource I have found on the internet as support for just about any mental or physical condition." (Colleenj)

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mtdew24541 a big heart ready to save the world, if only I had an invincible body!

I'm allergic to the heat, saltwater on my skin, long exposure to sun, don't have very good temperature regulation, have bad asthma and bad allergies to cats, dogs, dust mites, mold, and NSAIDS and strawberries. Also I have a lot of trouble having a 'normal' work schedule (9-5) - I seem to be a natural night person

Diagnosed with Cholinergic Urticaria in 2009 and the only med that eases symptoms is zyflo - it's not a cure but it's a godsend in making life easier!

Was dairy-free for about a year then started eating it again - apparently I wasn't allergic as I'm not getting the headaches anymore.

My health is a mystery! I've found that a positive attitude, happiness, and good friends make all the difference. (not to mention GOOD HEALTH INSURANCE!!)
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