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  "I chose this ribbon to honor my father who was diagnosed with extremely rare Hig..." (Wbryant)

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tomboykimi"What MD Junction means to me is a place where i can feel like im not alone. As someone with something as rare as hydrocephalus, it feels like im the only one in the world with it. When i came to MD, its like everyone has it. It doesnt feel like im alone. And that people need to hold up a sign to say what i have, because people know. And they understand. I can get questions answered from people who have been through it rather than from doctors or people who only can tell you from a physical standpoint. THat is what MD junction means to me." (tomboykimi)

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Claire1979 A day to day (or knowing me as and when i get the chance) diary of daily events in my life.

Feeling a lot better today

Jun 23 2009
I am so relieved to have found md junction and even more relieved to have found a support group for md sufferers. I was so suprised to see that there is 60 members in this group what a relief to know im not the only one out there going through this hell. Im feeling a lot better today after the drop attack in the early hours of sunday morning. I seem to have slept all day sunday and monday except for the school run thank god i have such wonderfull children who know how to look after me and themselves when an attack occurs. I feel like im robbing them of a childhood though. It should be me looking after them not the other way around. I know i dont get the attacks very often anymore which is sooooo good but when i do get them it takes up so much of our time. I have also been looking at the md society online and i think im going to join its only £16 for the year and i think it could be a huge benefit to both me and the boys the web address if anyone wants it is On the site they recommend setting up a management plan which is what i have spent yesterday and today doing. My brother has agreed to be my emergency contact when an attack comes on and the boys have an action plan on the fridge to take care of me untill he can get here (its a 2 hour drive). Im also looking at other ways of manageing this damn disease better so that i can have the best quality of life possible. Anyway its 9.45pm here in the uk so better get on with things before bed. xx xx xx 

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written by Claire1979, June 26, 2009
Thank you so much linda. xx xx

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