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crustysprite If I was so unready why am I checking back? I feel selfish because I know I can't help anybody right now. Well, actually, I help a lot of people....let's not get into this all-or-nothing thinking, slap, slap, lightly. It looks as if I have one reply but I haven't figured out how to read it yet.

Nothin' like being wanted.

Jan 01 2010

I always wanted to be wanted. To be cared about and loved. I probably always was, but the messages that were supposed to motivate me to achieve and be a better person were filled with a lot of shaming and comparisons. Many parents thought that if they raised a child with a lot of praise, that child would become conceited. We still have the remnants of that school of thought when we hear the phrase, "the entitlement generation." That's supposed to be the label we give to the young people today when we reward them for every little accomplishment, no matter how slight. Some how these accolades are diminished when they're given out so freely.

Maybe that's true, but I think I'd like to err on the side of too much praise, rather than too little.

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written by TrikeRider, February 01, 2010
One must earn the praise in order to really feel the reward. I think you have hit the nail on the head. What is too much praise? Is it good to give praise for a mediocre job? How about if only a 1/4. a 1/2 of the job is done? Where do we draw a line? Wow life is too hard and it is way past my bedtime. Hugs to you and keep your faith. We all want to help each other.
written by crustysprite, February 01, 2010
Yeah, what is too much praise? This child rearing is fraught with contradictions, isn't it?
Have a good night.

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