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jpcrps"When I found MD Junction, I was in the beginning stages of RSD/CRPS. I was scared, lacked knowledge about the condition, and felt very alone.

MD Junction changed all of that for me. I found friendship and terrific information from people who had first-hand knowledge of this syndrome. It was and still is a big part of my life.

MDJ was my first step on the journey of grief; from denial to acceptance. I am now inspired to help others by sharing this amazing site and sharing my own experiences. I am very impressed that one forum site can provide hope and inspiration to people suffering from so many different conditions. I am proud to be a part of this community.
~ Jenny
" (jpcrps)

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shellie thoughts of whatever comes by day

its been a long time and still no dx

Apr 30 2012
been to neuro's and rheumies with no luck....still twitching still hurting...blurry vision is way worse newest symptoms are warm feelings in my legs like water running down and hypersenitiveto some food taste...was biting into smokey bacon and my mouth felt like it was filling up with smoke then it hit my nose and its smelt like I was on fire ,,,,went right into a panic attack thinking i was burning,,,never in my life have i had such a reaction.....very scary..ever sense then the ashtray smell comes back to my nose but only for a few lost and my doctor says she doesnt want to run anymore dont know what to do and my vit b supply are one our own....i take one everyday i think it helps my moods....

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written by shellie, April 30, 2012
tried all of those already and they were making other issues for me....i decided to tell my doctor to take me off of it all...they werent helping and i gave them plenty of time to work into my system....its to the point were an ibuprofin will put me in a nap...they say im hypersensitive to so all I take is a B super complete vit. and sometimes a magnesium if im extra twitchy..
written by lken, May 01, 2012
i get weird things from sesame oil and fish sauce, i know it is a ptsd thing, i have neuro to and i take gabapentin it helps with my moods.
written by shellie, May 01, 2012
gab just put me to ...glad it works for some..someday ill find my magic

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