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Saphris, weight gain, & taking 1 dose daily

May 26 2011

So pdoc looked it up and scientifically fine to take once daily, although the tell docs to dose twice daily.

Weight gain, I have gained 8 lbs in 3 weeks.  Have noticed most of the weightbeing gained during the week of morning dose.  Also have noticed if stay up after night dose instead of straight to bed, I MUST binge eat.  So my theory is if I take the dose and go to bed right away I wont have weight gain.  I do notice I eat larger portions in the evening, just need to make sure they are lowfat and try to shrink them.  I have also been excersizing 5 x's a week and am gaining muscle mass which contributes partly to the weight gain.

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written by poolew4eva, May 04, 2012
im taking saaphris and it works great great,but im gaining weight and my stomach swells as if im 5 months pregnant.Please help someone i you are having these same symptoms and what to o about the stomach swelling.

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