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  "For years, I lived with an abuser. I chose to survive but continue to struggle ..." (struggling)

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nona7"MDJ is a place I can get advice, share my fears and concerns, Share my personal story, and make friends with people who truly understand where I'm coming from.
When I was first diagnosed with CHF I was so scared the people in the Chf support group helped me through a very bad time.
I am now also a member of PAH and MVP groups.
Thanks to MDJ I can talk to people who truly understand!
" (nona7)

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scooby64 I have a "dual diagnosis" of bipolar disorder (depressed) and substance abuse (alcohol). I can't treat one and do the other, so there have been God-awful times. But I do groups (AA, DBSA) and I regard them as my "family" now.
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Bereavement 101-A

Feb 18 2012

Nobody understands the experience of bereavement like someone who has been there.  TV stuff helps, but I am sure those who knew Whitney Houston closely (and she seemed like such an open-heartedsoul, both in muic and in person) watching the special last night just brought some tears, yes, but also such wonderment at what she gave to our world while she was here.

For those of us who take benzodiazepenes (Ativan, Klonopin, and the one that may have contributed to Whitney's untimely exit, Xanax, I do now think and consider carefully before I plop that little tranquilizer under my tongue so I can absorb it quickly ("sub-lingual ingestion").

What's that song, "...and the "mother's little helper" by some group...and it included the line inferring that they didn't do much toward bringing real shelter from the realities of living with tension in our lives.

Oh, fudge...I think I'll go get some exercise instead, and there is even a yoga place here on the block and...would you believe it, a "Pilates Studio."

Disgusting place, this Salinas, Aquamarine Massage across the street, foot massage places all over. It's disgusting.

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