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sassy2684 Since giving birth to my third daughter in November I no longer feel like myself. I have been diagnosed with post partum depression and panic attacks. My thoughts get the best of me and I can't cope any longer. I am married but he doesn't understand what I go through on a daily basis. I'm scared to think :-'(


Feb 08 2012
Today was going good but all of a sudden out of no where I am now sitting here with the worse attack. It is taking me forever just to type how I am feeling. My chest is hurting, my throat is sore and feels like its closing up, and i have a pounding headache! I tried drinking Chamomile tea and its not helping, tried the 20 seconds of telling panic attack to do its did and made me feel even more scared. Tried to eat something and my stomach is hurting. I dont understand what is triggering my attacks. I can do good all day..or somewhat all day, maybe a little attack here and there and then when I get home its full blown. Its like when I walk through the door I know its going to happen and be bad. The idea of getting up and walking right now is scaring me and my hands feel numb. I really am desperate to see this therapist on Monday and just get everything off my chest. I am starting to think my attacks occur because I am bottling up some much needed words and feelings that just need to come out in the open. 

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written by kildare56, February 08, 2012
You may be correct. I don't have he answer to that one. I do know you are spending way too much time "what iffing" yourself. The surest way I know to start a panic attack is to expect it. Remember the basics people have told you. They will not work every time, but with practice, they will work far more often than you may think. You WILL beat this Sassy. I wouldn't say that if I did not believe it.
written by kayyy, February 08, 2012
This kind of thing happens to me all the time. There's a traumatic event that occurred in my life that often triggers the big attacks but for me what happens is I'll be totally fine and then out of nowhere bad memories will come into my head and it's all downhill from there.
written by frog44, February 09, 2012
Sassy, i wish you the best w your new therapist. I know she will help...Monday can't t come fast enough for you! I know exactly how you feel cause i went through the same thing after having my little boy. Part of it is hormones related too. Mine come out of nowhere a lot too. Hang in there girl. You are headed in the right direction.
written by sassy2684, February 09, 2012
Thank you everyone! And yes Kayyy i can remember a bad/traumatic memory out of nowhere and all of a sudden im in a panic. Kildare I what iff myself ALL THE TIME!! What if i collapse, what if its a heart attack, what if i choke, what if i dont wake many what iffs that bring on attacks. I am really hoping this new therapist Monday works out for me.

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