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bobo24"MDJuncstion has been a godsend to me from he very beinning. When I began to take care of my mother and boyfriend 24/7 it ment a huge change to my life. I ended up having adjust my priorties and keep them on a level playing field. I found out that isnot easy. The support I have had from MDJunction has been a shot in the arm I truly needed bobo24" (bobo24)

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sassy2684 Since giving birth to my third daughter in November I no longer feel like myself. I have been diagnosed with post partum depression and panic attacks. My thoughts get the best of me and I can't cope any longer. I am married but he doesn't understand what I go through on a daily basis. I'm scared to think :-'(


Feb 16 2012
I went to the hospital this evening due to a burning in my chest, nausea, and dry heaving . I had an EKG done and it was normal.  I was having a really bad panic attack that was scaring thecrude out of me and I ran :( I have realized that this may be a side effect of the Zoloft I am taking. For the past 3 days I have been taking 12.5 mg (cutting my 25mg in half) and I have noticed that I have lost my appetite, completely sleepy after taking and now possible horrible panic attacks. I am hoping that these side effects disappear within a few weeks and I can actually begin to feel good once again. Maybe I should really take the Xanax that has been prescribed too to take the edge..just not sure if I want to deal with those side effects on top of the ones I am already experiencing..Ugghh just want to get better. 

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written by damselndistress, February 17, 2012
I'm glad you're okay.
Those intense panic reactions are terrifying.
written by kildare56, February 17, 2012
Sassy, you know I am your friend. Take the Xanax! It won't hurt you. What strength are the Xanax?
written by sassy2684, February 17, 2012
The Xanax are 0.5mg. I spoke with my therapist today and she said I definitely need to take the Xanax until the Zoloft kicks in. So i will be taking them starting tonight. Supposed to take twice a day but need to see how i react first? Do you know kildare about the reactions to xanax?
written by frog44, February 17, 2012
Sassy, the zoloft will make you sleepy for the first couple of weeks. It takes 4-6 weeks for it to fully take effect. Why are you splitting them in half? 25 Mg is very, very low. The Xanax will calm you. Take it at night the first time so you can see how it affects you. It may make you sleepy, but that's about it. It is short acting just to calm your body. Lots of hugs!!
written by sassy2684, February 17, 2012
Thank you Frog smilies/smiley.gif I currently only take half to adjust to the side effects and then starting Monday I am to go up to 25mg. I will be taking the Xanax tonight with the Zoloft!
written by frog44, February 17, 2012
Lots of ((hugs)) for you tonight!! Hang in there!
written by kildare56, February 17, 2012
Our friend frog is exactly right Sassy. I have never had a bad effect from Xanax and I take 1 mg 3 x a day.
written by sassy2684, February 18, 2012
Last night I took the Xanax and I must say it was the best sleep ever! I was calm and the what ifs were not there! I did wake up with a mild attack but was able to talk myself through it which I have never been able to do smilies/smiley.gif I feel relaxed this morning and hope it remains that way!
written by kildare56, February 18, 2012
Good job Sassy!!!!
written by frog44, February 18, 2012
Woo hoo! Yay smilies/smiley.gif Glad you got some great sleep and feel calmer.

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