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  "To let others with Lyme Disease know I am "with them"" (darinray)

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Macv"For me, MDjunction has been a place where I can share my experiences
living with the very rare bone disease called Ollier's ( Enchondromatosis ) with the parents of children recently diagnosed. I can help them not to run
into the pitfalls my parents did when I was young, give them a bit of a view
from their child's perspective and simply be there to offer support and
hope to people who are scared and just had their lives upended. I also belong to a chronic pain group and it's been a Godsend to be able to actually
talk with others who understand what I'm dealing with. Besides them helping me through my tough times, I can be there to help them as well. Here too, I can use my years of experience to help others avoid pitfalls and it makes me feel good, gives my life more purpose. MDjunction brings people
together when their suffering, at their darkest and feeling alone in this world and allows some light to be brought back into their lives. HOPE, that's what
MDjunction means to me!
Linda aka Macv
" (Macv)

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sassy2684 Since giving birth to my third daughter in November I no longer feel like myself. I have been diagnosed with post partum depression and panic attacks. My thoughts get the best of me and I can't cope any longer. I am married but he doesn't understand what I go through on a daily basis. I'm scared to think :-'(

Gave in

Jan 30 2012
Today I gave in to my panic attack and ended up in the ER :( I had an EKG done and it came back normal. Due to this the ER dr said it was probably just brought on by my panic attack, the chest pain. Now I am back home and it feels as though I am suffocating. My throat is tight and I keep having the chest tightness but I know deep down IM OK!! I  just feel so let down with myself for giving in to my attack. Instead of using breathing techniques i just ran. Also i keep choking and feeling like I am going to be sick when I havent even ate today. I did try eating but could not seem to swallow the food. This makes me so upset that I cant control these attacks. Why cant I get control of them? Why must I sit in a ball and cry about them? Why do I tremble, have chest pain, feel like Im suffocating? Why are panic attacks crippling my life? Why cant I cope and get past them? So many whys and no answers or so I feel no answers.

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written by njhoppe, January 30, 2012
Its easy to give into panic and end up in the ER. I've done it many many times. Somewhere on my path, it got better and I knew if I could just wait it out, it would go away...and it did. Slowly, it got better and better and I was able to crawl out of the hole I had put myself in. I really can't give you any advice as to how I did it but I can hopefully give you some comfort in know that we all fall down, just keep getting back up. You will be ok.

written by njhoppe, January 30, 2012
Oh and hun, please don't get my wrong. I still would like to go to the ER sometimes. I still have panic just not as often or severe. Hang in are not alone.
written by sassy2684, January 30, 2012
Thank you NJ! I just felt i had let myself down so bad because i ran. I know it was the adrenaline but i also thought it was for sure a heartattack. I know constantly thinking what if makes it even worse when having an attack. smilies/cry.gif
written by njhoppe, January 30, 2012
yes it does...have you tried distracting yourself? Finding something that I have to concentrate on helps me alot. It can be as simple as cleaning the house, doing laundry or just coming on here. Also, drinking ice water really helps me too. Something about the coldness seems to slow the body down. It will be better, I promise. smilies/smiley.gif
written by janicepv, January 31, 2012
i havent run to the ER with mine but I've certainly given in to them. I usually end up sobbing to a stranger on a hot line (or two). Then I feel ashamed. All the tools I've been supplied with and still I just want to RUN sometimes.
written by sassy2684, January 31, 2012
My biggest dislike about attacks is that I KNOW WHAT IT IS and yet in still I give in to them. I have tried distraction by reading a book, washing clothes or dishes and usually it works..that is until I stop.
written by littlek434, January 31, 2012
Drs say that i have a panic disorder I have been dealing with it for 3 years and always going to the drs. Now Im trying to go to every dr i can to make sure its nothing else. I want to go to the ER many times but I dontthinking it would go away. Sometimes Im really scared because I dont know how long I should wait before it goes. The heart racing face flushed shaky, and sometimes tingling and pain down my arm. but ekg always looks good just BP high. I was told there has to be a trigger but I havent found it. Does anyone know if they have triggers?

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