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  "Was diagnosed still waiting for the second test to come back. " (boink101)

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TalithaCumi"MDJunction is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people. People that I have learned that I can rely on for anything that I need whenever I need it;
A hug in times of stress.
Prayer in times of crisis
Encouragement in times of doubt.
A laugh in times of sadness.
A smile in times of heartache.
Hope in times of hopelessness.
Assurance in times of fear.
A reminder of the good things in life in times of depression.
And most importantly, love when I need it the most. MDJ has become like a family to me. I have priceless friends that I will hold in my heart and love forever. MDJ is a place of safety, when I know I can be myself and that I am loved. Thank you all SO much, you mean the world to me.
" (TalithaCumi)

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sassy2684 Since giving birth to my third daughter in November I no longer feel like myself. I have been diagnosed with post partum depression and panic attacks. My thoughts get the best of me and I can't cope any longer. I am married but he doesn't understand what I go through on a daily basis. I'm scared to think :-'(

Calm, Tranquil, and Relaxed :)

Feb 18 2012
Today has been a very good day! After taking my Xanax and Zoloft last night it helped me to get much needed rest. I did wake up with a mild attack this morning but was able to talk myself through it. I also was able to eat a small breakfast, which I haven't done in weeks! I must acknowledge a big thanks to Frog44 and Kildare for giving me words of encouragement as well as Amy and PhilPhil! You all supporting me helped me to finally take my meds which is starting to make a difference in my life already. I have a two attacks today but they were so small i just breathed through them and told myself to focus on something, anything, else besides my attack. I was out in WalMart when it happened so I came home, my safe and comfort zone, took a Xanax and am feeling lots better. I know most say that the meds are band-aids but for me I desperately needed these band-aids to help me to cope until I am able to do this on my own. I am still dealing with the side effects of the Zoloft, nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, and drowsiness but i would rather deal with this then the panic attacks. I am going to continue to take each day one at a time and take my meds as I should! :) 

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written by frog44, February 18, 2012
Super job Sassy!! I did forget to tell you that ALWAYS take your Zoloft with food, even if it is just a little something like crackers. I had an upset stomach from it until I always made sure I took it with some food...just a little tip. I'll tell you something that my dr told me. She said sometimes we need meds to calm our body and to get the panic down to a tolerable level until our bodies can do it itself. She told me that because I too have a hard time taking meds and trying new ones.

We are always here to help each other!! I wouldn't be able to get through it with out support either. Glad you are starting to feel better smilies/smiley.gif
written by kildare56, February 19, 2012
Go Sassy! Keep it up! You don't want Frog and I to jump on you!
written by sassy2684, February 19, 2012
Frog I will try to eat something small when taking the Zoloft. I always get super nauseous after taking it and end up just going to sleep, but i never thought to try to eat something. Kildare i dont need you and frog jumping on me so i will continue to take my meds smilies/smiley.gif
written by frog44, February 20, 2012
I won't jump on you sassy! lol smilies/smiley.gif
written by frog44, February 20, 2012 nice smilies/!!

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