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Why wear a ribbon?

  "I have an eating disorder, and I wear this for all the men and women suffering t..." (karisuzanne)

MDJunction to me

thematrix777"MDJunction has been my lifeline. In the beginning, when I was at my worst physically and emotionally people helped me through the rough times with compassion, understanding and information. As I progressed and finally got a handle on my condition, giving back that same support and hope has been my mission. To all that come here seeking help or information, you will be able to find in all of the various forums; no matter what issues you are going through, there is always a helping hand to raise you up and provide hope and support when you need it the most." (thematrix777)

MDJunction testimonials
santos63 I'm tired of being tired! If I could avoid the seroquel, I wouldn't be tired, but I also wouldn't sleep. I don't like to take the clonazepam but it helps me to relax so I can sleep. I'm having these "brainbursts" of energy or something that just makes me crazy. I don't know what it is, but it takes both clonazepam and seroquel to make all of that electricity go away and give me peace. ?

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