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  "I suffer from ET" (J0rapallo15)

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jpcrps"When I found MD Junction, I was in the beginning stages of RSD/CRPS. I was scared, lacked knowledge about the condition, and felt very alone.

MD Junction changed all of that for me. I found friendship and terrific information from people who had first-hand knowledge of this syndrome. It was and still is a big part of my life.

MDJ was my first step on the journey of grief; from denial to acceptance. I am now inspired to help others by sharing this amazing site and sharing my own experiences. I am very impressed that one forum site can provide hope and inspiration to people suffering from so many different conditions. I am proud to be a part of this community.
~ Jenny
" (jpcrps)

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chuckles Days are long and full of anxiety and anger and pretty much nowhere to turn...

need some advice...

Sep 01 2010
I have been fighting with my insurance company about getting in to see a new p doc. Im bipolar and have been untreated for the last 2 months. I feel like im going out of my mind! I was wonder if anyonehas checked themselves into psych inpatient care? And what exactly do they do? Im really scared about the whole situation. My relationships with my husband and kids are suffering. Im just so unsure what to do? Please help...

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written by qtpi, September 01, 2010
i went to the hospital once, they kept me there for 3 days gave new meds, i slept most of the time i was there, i didnt like the experience so much but at the end it did help me get balanced i walk out of there feeling much better n ready to move on, its a big step to consider but it could be a good thing for u, your family needs u, n u need to get better so u can take care of them

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