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  "I am a uterine cancer survivor!" (DMomE)

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nona7"MDJ is a place I can get advice, share my fears and concerns, Share my personal story, and make friends with people who truly understand where I'm coming from.
When I was first diagnosed with CHF I was so scared the people in the Chf support group helped me through a very bad time.
I am now also a member of PAH and MVP groups.
Thanks to MDJ I can talk to people who truly understand!
" (nona7)

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apurplefrog this is a journal to keep track of my moments good and bad to maybe learn more about myself.

me and my kindle

Apr 13 2012
I have been spending a lot of time just reading since I got my kindle.  before i would go to the library and if a book didn't feel right i would pass on it or a lot of times i would haveto order books from different libraries. right now i am reading books by H.P. Mallory

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written by GTR, April 13, 2012
The Kindle is such a wonderful tool. I am glad that you are receiving so much enjoyment from it.

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