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  "The zebra awareness ribbon stands for many rare illnesses including Ehlers Danlo..." (debdrake)

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Beckykrafton"Mdjunction means to me away of feeling safe! Away I can vent and get help from others who understand what I am dealing with everyday. Away I can reach out to others and make them feel good about them self and to understand they aren't alone... I am so great full for mdjunction and the friends I have made.. Mdjunction is more than a support group to me!!!" (Beckykrafton)

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jaylyn2201 what I am thinking and how I am feeling. If you don't agree with me please don't be offended.

how easily I forget

Nov 30 2009

After driving 200 miles to be with my family for the holiday, the day of thanksgiving I leaned over to help my niece out of her wheelchair and felt a snap in my lower back.  After years of dealingwith DDD and the every day pain It amazes me that I still forget how bad it hurts when something major happens. My doctor warned me that it was going to go anytime but that was a few years ago, So silly me stopped thinking and worring about it. I posted something about it in the back pain group but got the typical you don't know what it is and oh it's just a pinched nerve.  Well I don't know about everyone else but after 9 years of DDD and ruptured disc and sciatic nerve root damage along with lumbar facet syndrom I think I can tell the difference between a pinched nerve, pulled muscle and when a disc finaly goes. Now cames the part that scares me , my Doctor told me once this disc goes and I can't control my pain with streches and meds then I have to start spinal fusion. I am putting off going to the doctor and I keep telling my husband to give me a few days it will get better, But I know I have not been in this kind of pain in several years and last time it was like this it was 6 months worth of spinal injections and PT.

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