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  "Papillary thyroid cancer survivor Aug 2011" (JordanG22)

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RickEJ"I was diagnosed 8 years ago with Bi-Polar II.
With no support in my area I searched the web for help, after two years I stumbled on to MDJ.
The bi-polar II group has been my life line since 12/26/2009.
dizzyb my friend, you are not forgotten!
" (RickEJ)

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Payal My diary is a description of daily events that take place in my life and disturb me. Can't goto my therapist for every little thing. Have been in CBT for a year now, don't see any benefit. Yesterday a friend of mine suggested group therapy, want to try it, but don't know whether there are any bipolar groups in India. Found this online group and thought of joining it.

fight with a so called friend

May 25 2012
Yesterday i had a fight with a so called frnd. Well I hv met him twice, still we had been talking everyday for the past 2 weeks. yesterday he suddenly said that i needed to change myself, and how i wouldfeel if someone talked to me the way I talked to people. i found all this very confusing, i asked him many times wht was wrong with me, but he didn't elaborate. So here to day I am with one friend less.

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written by lken, May 26, 2012
a lot people can only see life in a mold. the way others think we should be. be yourself, not much of a friend , trying to change you.
written by cetacean, May 26, 2012
not friendless he would have to have been a friend first clearly he's not capable and your better off

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