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cinderella"MDJunction to me is a life saver... when i first was diagnosed with Scheuermann's Disease i wrote a message to a page i found on google, hoping that they could help me.... you'd never know it but that weird feeling (you know that one where it feels like someone actually cares) came over me when i opened my email next day to find that someone on the other side of the world (at the American Medical Library)had read my message while i was sleeping, and there low and behold was the address to MDJunction.... well it is everything to me, i live it breathe it and love it!!!!! I have found many people who are struggling with similar issues banding together to help each other. It is the best place in the world, and i couldn't think of another place to go to meet so many lovely people....

thanks MDJunction
" (cinderella)

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Awna This is where I can write to try and keep myself on track.

Nov 22

Nov 22 2010
I joined the fitness club like I planned. That's good.I can start getting in shape now.Now I find myself wishing that my love life would follow my example. -_- Ha! What love life? It doesn't existand it likely never will at the rate that I'm going. I guess maybe I am just a walking disease. Sigh...such is my so called social life. I can't even find regular friends to spend my time with. It makes me wonder what is so wrong with me that makes people just hate me? Oops. But I guess that line of thinking isn't going to solve anything. But then, neither has any attempt I've made at correcting the wrongs in my life. I just...wasn't meant to be with anybody in either family, friends, or lovers. It's time I realized that I was meant to be alone. That's the way my life has always been and that's how it always will be. At times I find myself wishing I couldn't accelerate time and just get the rest of my life over with. There's nothing in it worth living for anyway so why can't I wish that?

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written by 2steveb, November 22, 2010
AWNA STOP THEREsmilies/tongue.gif smilies/tongue.gif lets talk about and build YOU up once AWNA is up, running and ready to take the world by the throat then you can start to look for love. im sure that YOU are a lovely person, work on that and she will shine through and its that that will attract the night in shining armour, pm if you want lets get you in the gym as well as you taking your body there.

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