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jaguarandcubs"MDJ is an integral part of my everyday life. Since joining in 2010, I have met so many amazing people. It is truly incredible to be able to share good times and not so good times with others who face the same health challenges. And MDJ has support groups for every condition I have. I don't know of anywhere else that can offer that. I love that I can learn from others as well as offer my own experiences for others to learn from." (jaguarandcubs)

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CharlotteLuren i didnt realize my Diary title was for my ENTIRE diary, nor did i realize it was permanent anyways
ive been a writer for years so ill always be adding to this
the best way to find out how i feel or what i think,
get me to write it

hmmmm not sure what to think

Jan 11 2011

well i get to saee my DR. on thursday...


i wish my Will could be there with me...but he has work...


ive know this Dr. my whole life so im not sure if that is goingto be a good thing or a bad thing

and i wonder how my mom is going to handle knowing that I WAS RIGHT...

its going to be weird going into see someone who has known me to be a happy go lucky easy going kid my whole life and be like oh yeah

"i need to be tested for BPD i have eating disorders im an ex cutter and i think i was raped! happy new year!"


i just cant wait for thursday 

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written by Thomps, January 11, 2011
Good luck dear
written by jlschindlbeck30, January 11, 2011
Do it! Just blurt it all out and talk without censure. A good therapist won't judge you. They're job is to write it all down and analyze it and diagnose you with the help of a Psychiatrist. Lay it ALL OUT ON THE TABLE. GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! smilies/grin.gif
written by CharlotteLuren, January 11, 2011
I wish I could be there too sweetheart. I love you.
written by WilliamEverwood, January 11, 2011
Sorry about that sweetheart! I didn't realize you were still logged in! In any case, that thing "you" said above... Yeah. Imagine my face is next to it.
written by CharlotteLuren, January 12, 2011
haha your funny honey haha that made me laugh

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