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  "My wife was diagnosed with Epilepsy and I wear it for her!" (ihateme2)

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2steveb"In life we all have trials and tribulations to endure weather it be physical, mental or social. For me personally when i encountered MDJunction i was astounded. Since i joined MDJunction to me it has been a god send and a life saver. I have met and been able to converse freely with so many people in the same situation as myself, (that alone is a big help, to know your not alone) to be able to discuss and get good advice from a braud section of people. One of lifes hardest things is to discuss personal issues with friends/family and yet the mdj family is non judgmental and you will be made totally welcome to talk through any issue thats on your mind. There are forums for every known issue to mankind, to me has become my family extension, id be lost without these good people and the extremely good guide lines that group leaders help us all with to keep threads topical and friendly." (2steveb)

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countryfordgirl Hello everyone, my name is Chas, i'm 20. I just found out I have bipolar depression. My dr said to try to find a support group online or in the area, so google brought me here. So I am hopeing to find some online ppl to talk to and have their help and support as well as them having my help and support.

ugh hating life

May 29 2011
well its been awhile since ive been on here. i did a stupid thing and stopped taking my meds, i got frustrated in talking pills all the time. my bf moved out  not by our choice) and life hasnt gottenany better. its gotton worse. i am depress alot more not. I have no friends where i live and i hate it. i am moving back to ohio soon to be with my bf an dad and step-mom, but that means leaving my mommy :( i dont know what to do anymore, i am gonna start taking my meds again that i do know. but as far as what to do i am lost for words... i am just really depressed and i hate it here

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written by windmill4408, May 30, 2011
I quit taking my meds several times. The last time I had a major crash from it and it was a really bad experience for me. I made a commitment to take my meds from then on. That was 14 years ago. I had one hospitalization for two weeks, but other than that I've been stable and functionable. I've been working for 4 years. Once I quit taking my meds I had to get on different meds because the ones I quit wouldn't work any more because I quit taking them.

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