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Dauna"When I was first diagnosed with RSD I had never heard of it and was at a complete loss as to how to talk, not just about the confusing and terribly painful symptoms I was experiencing but about everything that RSD had stolen from me. I felt lost and frighteningly alone. Then I found MDJ for sufferers of RSD just like me. From my very first post, I was no longer alone and I was much less lost. The members of MDJ are a community of 'new' family members who demonstrate a genuine caring and concern. Just as, if not more importantly, I have and continue to learn about this dreadfully misunderstood illness. Now, because of the RSD community I'm much more informed and feel I'm in a position to be able to educate and advocate. I continue to rely on the community members to lift me up when I'm down and to celebrate my victories, however small they may be. MDJ has been and continues to be a lifeline for me." (Dauna)

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Feb 28 2012
The last few days I have been VERY depressed. Even my meds haven't helped much. Prayer and moral support from friends and loved ones has been a help but there is still a very deep hole that I can't seem to climb out of. My SO has been very patient and understanding, despite me pulling the drama card on him the last few nights. It almost seems like I'm sabotoging myself, like a part of me is afraid to be happy. I love him so much and I don't want to loose him but I fear that if my depression continues I will run him off. I just don't know what to do, I almost wish I could disapear for a little while and gain some clarity. But, I am excited that I will get to be with him again in 11 days! I just hope I have my depression in check by then.

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written by romeror2k, March 02, 2012
Have you seen a therapist, it has helped me alot. We have uncovered many things from my past that have led to my depression, including fear of being alone. I have been sharing with my wife, and we have a very close relationship. If the person truly loves you they will stick with you.
written by roser443, March 03, 2012
Yes I see a therapist once a week. I know my SO and I care very deeply for one another and he is very supportive, patient, and willing to listen. I am doing much better now, I don't usually have many bouts like these and they usually don't last long but they can be very rough but I have wonderful friends and loved ones that help me through.

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