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  "to give my support " (topcat12)

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ThereseML"When I first came to MDJ, I was in need of peer support in dealing with issues of my childhood abuse. I was moving away from the painful issues and trying to find an uplifting group of people to help me transition to a thriver in my life. I found that here. I also found a group of peers with Fibromyalgia and found the same uplifting experience there. My computer crashed and it was a while before I found my way back, this time with issues related to Parkinson's Disease. I had tried a few other support sites before reminding myself of MDJ. On those, I never got a reply. I finally found my way back here and again found very supportive, caring and inspiring people who made me feel like I was 'back home'. Indeed I am." (ThereseML)

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highandlow I will use this space to express my thoughts as not to make the people I love weary of my ramblings.

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Feb 28 2012
I have to remember to tell my pdoc that my menstrual cycle wreaks havoc on me on top of my bp.  I keep forgetting how it affects me. I'm gonna take care of that today.  Thank goodness I made an appointment for this afternoon.  Might not be a bad idea to see a GYN either.  Gotta get this under control and fast.  Almost considered breaking down, telling my boss and going out on leave.  Entered my fourth day of menstruation and felt like a totally different person.  Felt none of those negative thoughts ever occured to me.  So strange. 

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