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  "For family who served, and friends who made the ultimate sacrifice" (MsHolmes45)

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nvrsubtle"Not having any local Bipolar support groups where I live, MDJuntion has given me a place in which people understand what I am going through and has given me a new outlook on life with support that is real and good. Without
the support that I receive from MDJunction, I would be wandering through
life with no one who understands me. I owe so much to MDJunction for giving
me a life line to help get me through the toughest times.
" (nvrsubtle)

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SamMay Borderline Personality Disorder and self mutilation...Ten years later...Bipolar Psychosis. Whats next?

Here it comes again...

Apr 28 2012
I keep trying to fight my diagnosis...My first Dx was a little over ten years ago.  Borderline Personality Disorder.  A few years ago I started hearing "Bipolar" and this last Januarywhen I was hospitalized I heard a word I wasnt familar with AT ALL.  "Psychosis." I got angry last week at my boss and co-worker,  I have been throwing things at work and walking out of the kitchen because everything frusterates me.  I have absolutly no attention span, and all I can do is hope that this next month that I have to wait to see a dr to get back on my meds goes by quickly.  June 1st, that was the next available slot to pencil me in. I have never been so anti social, but the delusions can be pretty tolling on the relationships.  I am s grateful that my boss, who I consider my friend as well, has a been understanding and shows conern when he sees me start to slip. I show up late to work, I throw attitude in every direction...I feel dettached from the world. I would like to say that that is not me, but I dont feel like I know anything about who "me" even is. 

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written by lken, April 29, 2012
i suppose no scripts until doc writes it, sound you just need to get the edge off. i know people use gaba, a neurotransmitter , people buy at vitamin area. not as strong but will help, to relax mind. the battle is with stress we make for ourselves and how we are perceiving things.

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