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  "I have Really bad insomnia and i have dreams that keep me awake, prevent me from..." (SHgirl4328)

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suebaby41"I was recently diagnosed with Recurrent Breast Cancer In The Chest
Wall. I would not be able to handle it as well as I am without the
help of my MDJunction friends. It just proves to me that there are
lots of good people in this world and I am happy to be involved with
MDJunction who seems to have most of them.
" (suebaby41)

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beththom Today is July 21, 2009. After 20+ years I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I constantly have pain that is difficult to treat, severe migraines, inability to tolerate the heat, inability to do aerobic exercise, insomnia...& that's the worst of it. I'm sure when I move along in treatment there will be other things that pop up. I cried all pm because it is so wonderful to finally find out what it wrong with me. My Dr. said, "I know this is devastating, but it can be treated." I said, "You don't understand, I am so thankful to find out what is wrong." He said it will take time to heal. ...Read More


Oct 07 2009

 Today has been so good!  Good mental, physical & hair day... 

Starting taking carbamide for the kidneys.  So far it is working as my kidneys have pretty much quit hurtingsince I started the supplement.  It keeps toxins & like from clogging them up.


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