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  "My wife has Bipolar Disorder and ADD. Its is a difficult life for her as it is ..." (mivanc)

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animalhero"Md junction was a Godsend in my life! In such a short amount of time, I learned so much from other people who also have Lyme's. Having the support from others who really understand what I'm going through is priceless. To me, Md Junction is just as important to my healing as everything else that I'm doing to get well." (animalhero)

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Aug 18 2009
Yes death...It sounds good right now...maybe this way things for others will go back to normal....maybe then they will stop hurting people that loved Junior...death....nothing to lose...and nothing togain ...but it sounds good right now...

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written by mitzigirl, August 18, 2009
Izzie hun know I am with you and think of you each and everyday..I know how hard it is losing anyone..I can't say I know your pain of losing a child but I can be here to talk to and lean on whenever you feel like it..Your not alone..Blessings be with you dear one!!!

Love You,

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