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  "because my son was diagnosed with this disease." (nrcly1)

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rlt"MD Junction has become an absolute daily staple for me. Finding groups with people who share the same struggles as I have has made me feel connected, and knowing that I am not alone means everything to me." (rlt)

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Aurelio July 1, 2007 - Junior August 22, 2007

Aug 07 2009
Massive and Junior
Current mood: sad
Category: Life

Today I miss you both like crazy...I was thinking back to when you passed Massive (Aurelio) and how Junior just stayed in his room.....he didn’t want to go where you had passed away...but he didn’t miss your car washes.......he was there everyday no matter what.....he was so sad .....he loved you so......we all still your song says I wish someone could take this pain away from me.....I wish Junior was here.....oh Massive I know your together now ....but nothing is the same without you too......take care of my son .....just like you took care of all of us when Sad was at work.....
I love you too..........

Your step mommy Izzie

Junior not a day goes by that I don’t long for your hugs and kisses..

I love you Junior

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