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Tigress68"MDJuntion has truly been a blessing to me. There are no support groups in my area for fibromyalgia. Finding this site has been a Godsend for me. Here we share or good days, bad days, failures and triumphs without ridicule or judgement. Everyone is caring and compassionate. Thank you so much MDJ." (Tigress68)

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habdab6067 I am going though a living nightmare and I want to wake up.
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How do you tell someone your falling into a deep depression?

Nov 12 2011
I am begining to fall into a BIG depression. I thought I was finally learning how to deal with this new kind of normal but instead realized I wasn't I was just starting the descent into a major depression. It is going to be a whopper of one..the kind where the only way out is to end it all. I realieze I fucked up again. My mother told me the other day I wasn't a good mother to him. That I spent too much time on the internet then with him. I told her I know I did it when I first got my computer for like 3 days but then did not go on until after he was in bed. But she doesn't see it like that. See, she has called me a fuck up before and I guess this confirms it. How do I tell Dave that I think I could kill myself??? How do I tell him that?? How does one even start to tell him something like that? Nice weather by the way I am falling into a depression and could kill myself?? I messed things uo

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written by owutatangledweb, November 13, 2011
Habdab, I am concerned about you. You should try to reach out to someone for help. Call your medical doctor if you don't have a pdoc. When I read about losing your hair, and thinking about your depression, maybe you should have your thyroid checked out. I know you have been going through a lot with your son; but that doesn't mean something physical isn't going on too. Please take care of yourself.

You are in my thoughts and prayers...

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