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puppylover"When I was diagnosed I was scared didn't know what to do or where to go..I started reserching bipolar and somehow ended up here at MD....Again scared but needing to know what was in store I asked a question..WOW the people who care..I know I would be lost now if I did not join..made many friends and they have helped me through thick and thin. and never judged...........XX Thank you MD and all.Love all of you.......Laurie Pachin" (puppylover)

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My Days Without Meds

Jun 30 2009
Since I've Been Off My Meds.. Things Have Been Hard. Since I've Been Off My Meds Good And Bad Things Have Happened, I Lost My Girlfriend Of 2 Years.. But I Have Gained A Girlfriend That's Trying To Understand Bi-Polar Disorder. When I Have Mood Swings I Don't Get Yelled At Like I Used To When I Was With My Ex. But Another Bad Thing Is I'm Not On My Meds. And I Still Get My Mood Swings And Get Upset Easy. Sometimes I Can Control It To Where Nobody Can Tell I've Hit A Low Point Where I Just Wanna Hide And Cry. Then There's Times Where I'm All Alone And Just Start Crying My Eyes Out And Dont Know Why And I Get Really Depressed To The Point To Where I Wanna Just Wanna Die. Its Hard From 11 Years Ago When I Though I Had A Learning Disorder. But Since Then I've Been Learning Bi-Polar Isn't Just A Disorder. It A Learning Experince. It's Been Hard For Me To Get A Job And Keep It But I Try And WhenI Try My Hardest I Can't Keep One. I Really Put My Mind To Keeping The Job. But I Always Lose It. It Makes Me Feel Really Bad And Depressed. But Keep Trying. I Tried For Disability But I Was Denied. I Dont Know If I Should Try Again Or Try To Keep Working.. Only Time Will Tell.. Be Back Tommrow And Write Somemore

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