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  "I have pernicious anemia at age 40 a 2 cm carcinoid tumor was taken out of my st..." (sundais)

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Sylvia4648"I have suffered from depression most of my life, but had some long, non-depressed times. The last 16 years have been an on-going, constantly worsening nightmare for me medically, socially and with my family. 11/2008 to the present has been the worst time in my life, and new things just keep piling up. During that time I've gone from being mostly homebound to being totally homebound due to the errors of about 2 dozen doctors who overmedicated me so badly that I came home w/ 4 conditions I didn't go in with. I spent months wanting to die, and finding MDJ may well have saved my life. It's one of the worst feelings to know that nobody on earth needs you for anything; but now that I've been a group leader for awhile, there are people here who need me. Thanks MDJ." (Sylvia4648)

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My Moods And Feelings

Just A Daily Diary Of My Moods And Feelings

My Days Without Meds Page 4

Jul 08 2009

I've Been Away For A Couple Days And I Guess The Mood Swings Are Getting Worse And Better I Dunno If That Makes Any Sense But That's Whats Been Happening. Sometimes I'm Really Happy ThenIts Like A Switch i'm Sad And Wanna Cry.I Guess Thats All Apart Of Being BP. I Know It Would Be Better If I Was On My Meds But I Dunno Of Any Mental Health Services In Texas Where I Live. Nobody...

My Days Without Meds Page 3

Jul 05 2009

I Haven't Been On In Awhile Because Of The Holiday Weekend.. It's Been Stressful. Been Having Mood Swings And Trying To Hide Them. Sometimes Very Well Other Times They Come Out And Upset ThoseAround Me. I Found Out Days Without My Meds Are Harder Then Those With. I Really Need To Get Back On My Meds. But I'm Still Looking For Mental Health Services. Sometimes In My Head I Feel Like...

My Days Without Meds Page 2

Jul 02 2009
Well Today Was Another Good Day For Having Bi-Polar. I Had A Slightly Annoying Day. I Was Mad When I Got Up Today Cuz I Was Fighting Some Jerks About Unemployment And Those People Dont Know Their HeadFrom Well We All Know The Rest Of That Thought. I Been Upset Most Of The Day But When I Have Something To Preoccupy My Mind It Kinda Takes The Edge Off Of How I Am Feeling. But It Dont Always Work. I...

My Days Without Meds

Jun 30 2009
Since I've Been Off My Meds.. Things Have Been Hard. Since I've Been Off My Meds Good And Bad Things Have Happened, I Lost My Girlfriend Of 2 Years.. But I Have Gained A Girlfriend That's Trying To Understand Bi-Polar Disorder. When I Have Mood Swings I Don't Get Yelled At Like I Used To When I Was With My Ex. But Another Bad Thing Is I'm Not On My Meds. And I Still Get My Mood...

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