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After The Cameras Are Gone

Dec 07 2010
It has been awhile since I have made an entry.  I would have liked to have given an update right after the show but was unfortunate enough to have several curveballs in life thrown my way.  Aside from that I am being provided with aftercare.  I got together with a doctor who I think might be a good fit and am in the process of getting my meds right.  I am still a work in procress but am proud that I was able to show the ugly face of Agoraphobia and Panic disorder to both the USA and Internationally.  It was a long and tough process but over all I am happy with the outcome.  They didnt portay anyone as a "freak show"  they just simply showed what was there.  And I have read a lot of people disappointed they didnt use a functioning agoraphobic on the show.  Well it wasnt ment to showcase that.  It was ment to show what CAN happen if you dont get treated while fuctional.  I understand being a fuctioning agoraphobic is just as hard but use that fuctionality to avoid what they showed on TV.  People who have become housebound.  I am sure that if the show goes to series you will see less severe cases!  But to really send the message that THIS IS REAL, which I feel anyone with any mental illness would want, the needed to who how bad it CAN be before they show the different degrees of it.  Sorry to ramble but my mind is so full.  Anywho  I think with the proper medication and my continued follow up care this will all be a huge success.  *crosses fingers*  Thank You all again for watching and commenting.  Everyone of you has touched my heart.

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written by Conn65, December 07, 2010
the show was such a huge help for me, and I'm sure many agoraphobics. I was calling everyone I could to turn it on and watch it so they could have a better understanding of what I deal with. Thank you for letting the world into your very private life to help all of us. I hope your treatment is a great success.
I don't really like when people categorize the agor. We all have different degrees, and different life circumstances that have us where we are with our disability. "Functioning" is going to be different for each person. I think as long as we are happy and leading a life of contenment then we are functioning. But we all need to push ourselves to be able to do the things and lead lives that make us truly happy.
Your trip in the car is what got me the most. I think I stopped breathing the whole time they showed you in the car. I could feel your panic. But when you got to the zoo I was so happy. And I was inspired to push myself. I miss my life of independence and I want to go to the zoo!!! lol. I'm not home bound, but my comfort zone is definitley smaller than it used to be.
Thanks again for sharing you story with us smilies/smiley.gif

written by Ladygaga, December 07, 2010
I'm just happy that agoraphobia is getting air time and therefore more awareness is being produced smilies/smiley.gif my admiration for you and anyone who will allow cameras into their home and be the focus of so much scrutiny is massive .I hope to actually see the program one day

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