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  "My grandma past away from a stroke!" (LollyC)

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blondee8257"mdjunction has become my second home, its the first place i visit
while im having coffee and the last place i visit before bed....i
honestly dont know what i would have done if i had not have found
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asuwish2 I am in a good place

The cycling is hard to control

Jun 06 2010
I had projected a deep hope for my future yesterday. Reality check. I confronted the obvious. That is the fact that euphoria and reality are not the same thing. I was ready for it though because I newthat to continue to pursue the projection would eventually cause a heart break. Then the depression would begin. The depths of the depression would be as low as the high of the hope. I decided to eliminate the issue before it caused me to crash and burn. It was heart wrenching decission, but I eliminated the cycling. I will take a slower steady approach.

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