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Teen Preg. Senior Project! & College Major Change!

Feb 25 2009

Hey Everyone!

Excited to say that I finally finished my senior project! I made a brosure to be passed out in High school guidance Counseling offices for teen moms. :D

I made my senior speechMonday night and I did pretty good. I def knew what I was talking about, Im just not a very good public speaker! :/ but thats ok. Another part of my project was the teen pregnancy group here on MDJunction which they loved as well. :D But dont worry I'm not going anywhere just because my projects done, I love everyone on here!

Oh and I have also chosen a new major..I was going to go to school for social services and to be a pregnancy counselor[teen mainly] but the school i want to go to doesnt have any classes for that type of major so Im going to school for nursing to be an OB Nurse, which for those of you who do not know are the nurses that help with labor and delivery of babies, working with the mommy's and working in the nursery with the new borns whether they are healthy or sick. I feel like Ill be a great nurse in this field!

So after awhile I will be able to answer even more questions for all of you mommy's to be!

Love you all,

Ill write more tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!!

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written by blanquita1, February 26, 2009
Okay, so i am also doing a senior project and i was thinking of doing it to teen pregnancy and i would love if you could give me some advice.

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