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  "I wear this ribbon as a survivor of child abuse. I stood up for myself and hope ..." (Nerissa)

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tomboykimi"What MD Junction means to me is a place where i can feel like im not alone. As someone with something as rare as hydrocephalus, it feels like im the only one in the world with it. When i came to MD, its like everyone has it. It doesnt feel like im alone. And that people need to hold up a sign to say what i have, because people know. And they understand. I can get questions answered from people who have been through it rather than from doctors or people who only can tell you from a physical standpoint. THat is what MD junction means to me." (tomboykimi)

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sandinnalee My journey through confusing health problems.


Mar 16 2011
I have been diagnosed with PFD and am going through therapy.  This is very painful.  Soft Tissue issues in all parts of my body seem to be my main problem.  Stress is not helping.

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written by KittenMittens, March 16, 2011
I have not heard of this disorder but I do understand pain. I am so sorry that you have to go through this, my prayers will be with you.


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