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JoSh11"MDJunction is at least as big a part of my healing as the medications I take. Finding others with the same health challenges has truly been a Godsend. The support & information I receive here give me the courage to stand up for my needs in social situations, as well as the techniques & references to help my friends & family understand this Invisible Chronic Illness." (JoSh11)

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Oct 14 2010

I have had the worst spring, summer and now it is going into the fall.  It started with the injury to my ankle, several upper respiratory infections followed, then a virus that has lasted about4 weeks and now a kidney infection.  Along with financial problems I am worn out.  I cry when I wake up.  Today I have to deal with homeowner's insurance.  It doubled.  I live in a hurricane area.

 I have no one to talk to except my best friend and she is deteriorating slowly from heart disease.  She has about 15 stents.  I don't think she will live to see 60.  None of her family members on her Dad's side live to be 60.  We are both 57.  She has been my friend for about 34 years.

 I need to get up there to see her, but between health and money problems I have to wait.  My husband is a good guy, but he is not there for me.  it is a second marriage.  In many ways he is a better husband, but he just is an indifferent person.

 Well, enough of my pity party.  It is 8:00 a.m. I am going to make some tea, watch the news and proceed to work on my insurance problem.  I am in pain, but for now I have to ignore it.

Thanks for being here.  You keep me sane. 


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written by Lilsis, October 14, 2010
Sorry you are having a hard time with things right now, please push on, you will feel the rewards soon.

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