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MommaMac This diary is my sanity as my husband has been in the hospital for approximately 25 days and was just diagnosed with cirrhosis. We have been through hell and back and I do mean we as the caregiver is just exhausted as the patient. Any is the day he should go home. Truthfully, he probably is not strong enough to be home, but I do not think he'll get much better until he is at home. He has signed his advanced directive and DNR as he does NOT want to ever come back to a hospital. With God's grace, he'll have a reasonable quality of life. ...Read More

What a difference a day makes.

May 03 2012

Jim was still so combative last night.  Matter of fact, he grabbed my hand at one point and squeezed it so hard, he hurt it.  Finally told him it was ok if he took off the depend or anythingelse.  I was going to take a Advil PM and sleep.  Got up  twice to check on him.  This morning, he was sleeping like a baby.  Wet sheets and blankets but everything else was so fine.  The best part, he was actually SLEEPING!  Soundly!  I slept too....about seven hours in total.  Until some idiot called my phone and woke me up!  Any way, his sister is here and he loves her so much.  She is kind to him and got him to eat and calmed him down.  Jazz and I did an errand or two and some grocery shopping.  Then......count down to doctor's appointment.  Took some time to clean him up, dress him and get him in the wheel chair.  Getting him in the car was not that difficult.  He had more strength in his legs than anyone thought.  I LOVED his liver doctor.  Dr. Lawson was really interesting and relaxing.  It's as simple as you continue to drink, you die before Christmas.  You do not drink, you eat properly and exercise, you go to Richmond next year for a transplant.  He also said because of his age, he would either get a transplant soon (within 2 years) or could be too old to be eligible.  Any way....he can have a good quality of life, any way.  Banded varices on Thursday.  He'll see him every two weeks until he feels he is stable.  Then a colonscopy to check on bacteria, polyps, or anything.  Today was a good day for eating.  He ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Later, ice cream with berries for desert.  Pray he sleeps all night and then I can sleep all night!  Already planning on Pilates tomorrow morning.  Must plan to exercise and possibly work out  again!

Best part of day......he used the rest room!  At the doctor's said he needed to go to the  bathroom.  Button and I took him the men's room and he went!  Of course, the whole time I am thinking..."this one I do not have to clean!!!"

Hang in there......some days are bad and some days get better.  This, was a good one!


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