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Very Bad Day

Nov 13 2010

I woke up off and on but did not get out of bed, except to go to the bathroom, until I had to for a doc appt. which was at 2:15 so I got up around 1:30. Yes, that is pm. I felt so out of it. Had the'flashes', 'brain misfiring' feeling. I don't always get this when I sleep late but a lot of times I do. I hate it! Cannot stand noise, light, feel so sick. I had so many weird dreams, too. Just yuk. While at the clinic, I felt as though I was going to faint. I had my hubby go in the room with me. Glad I did. He was able to understand what I go through as far as not having any real answers for my skin problems. As for everything I have, there are no clear answers. No ideas what have caused my problems, no answers of how to cure them. This dermatologist works mainly at Mayo clinic but comes down here to help out as our clinic doesn't have many derms. At least that is what I think. We have one full time derm. He took a skin biopsy of one of the pimple like things that turn into sores. Got two stitches which he says I can take out since he has better things to do than take out stitches. :)Steve brought me home before going to have his hair cut. I had wanted to go with him just to get out but I was not feeling well enough. I'm glad I did cause I fell back asleep and slept till around 7 pm. I am about to go to bed now-12:13 am. I hate this. I have no life. Maybe I overslept because I vacuumed yesterday, cleaned the bathroom the day before that and did something else before that. I am not used to doing so much. I got so sick of how the house looked. I knew I'd regret it, not the cleanliness but the effect it has on me.

I went ahead and picked off the scabs that were infected. I couldn't stand seeing them; greenish, just pukish looking. Most times I cannot get the scabs off. Don't know why they are so stuck on. No, not healing. This is different. Anyway, they look so much better. They are now craters without infection. :(

The weather really sucks but then again, we got spoiled with nice weather longer than it should have been . Afterall, it is Nov! Guess Minneapolis got 11 inches of snow, Eau Claire got some, not sure how much. My memory again. We got rain and as far as the last I looked, is still raining. I do not look forward to that first big snow storm and/or the ice. Jordan will be out there driving but, I know, he did fine last year but hey, that's a mom's job, to worry.

Gonna go for now.

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written by Christine64, November 14, 2010
Hi, Sweetie. You are living in a bad dream, and unable to wake up. When everything in your life has run all the way around the circle and come back to the beginning to all be the same, it doesn't matter where you start to change. Anyplace will do. I'm not surprised at the sores. All that poison has to come out somewhere. What's the most important thing in your mind rith now? Would you like to tell me about it? I'd be happy to listen.

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